Dec 9, 2006

a confusing marriage...

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat according to a news report that made me confused....

A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having sex with the animal.
The goat's owner, Mr Alifi, said he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of elders.
They ordered the man, Mr Tombe, to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50) to Mr Alifi.
"We have given him the goat, and as far as we know they are still together," Mr Alifi said.
Mr Alifi, of Hai Malakal in Upper Nile State, told the Juba Post newspaper that he heard a loud noise around midnight on 13 February and immediately rushed outside to find Mr Tombe with his goat.
"When I asked him: 'What are you doing there?', he fell off the back of the goat, so I captured and tied him up."
Mr Alifi then called elders to decide how to deal with the case.
"They said I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife," Mr Alifi told the newspaper.

Dec 8, 2006

here it is...

I have, as a kid, searched for X everywhere but never got it right... this kid is an amazing one...hope his teacher could forgive him for his humour sense atleast....

aint that a cute one?

A four-year-old boy and his father went to the beach. There was a dead seagull lying on the sand.

The boy asked his father, ''Dad, what happened to the birdie?''

His dad told him, ''Son, the bird died and went to heaven.''

Then the boy asked, ''then why did God throw him back down?''

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Dec 7, 2006

defining confusion..

Now how will their friends distingush them? In classes how will teachers make out how many are awake and how many are half asleep..?
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Dec 6, 2006

Rules for the Minister…

from my blog 'open doors(now defunct) dated August 2nd, 2006

Let me put across to you some rules as set by ancient Indian sages as to how and what shall be the qualification of a minister….
“THE King,” says Bháradvája, “shall employ his classmates as his ministers; for they can be trusted by him inasmuch as he has personal knowledge of their honesty and capacity.”
“No,” says Visáláksha, “for, as they have been his playmates as well, they would despise him. But he shall employ as ministers those whose secrets, possessed of in common, are well known to him. Possessed of habits and defects in common. with the king, they would never hurt him lest he would betray their secrets.”
“Common is this fear,” says Parásara, “for under the fear of betrayal of his own secrets, the king may also follow them in their good and bad acts”.
“Under the control of as many persons as are made aware by the king of his own secrets, might he place himself in all humility by that disclosure. Hence he shall employ as ministers those who have proved faithful to him under difficulties fatal to life and are of tried devotion.”
“No,” says Pisuna, “for this is devotion, but not intelligence (buddhigunah). He shall appoint as ministers those who, when employed as financial matters, show as much as, or more than, the fixed revenue, and are thus of tried ability.”
“No,” says Kaunapadanta, “for such persons are devoid of other ministerial qualifications; he shall, therefore, employ as ministers those whose fathers and grandfathers had been ministers before; such persons, in virtue of their knowledge of past events and of an established relationship with the king, will, though offended, never desert him; for such faithfulness is seen even among dumb animals; cows, for example, stand aside from strange cows and ever keep company with accustomed herds.”
“No,” says Vátavyádhi, “for such persons, having acquired complete dominion over the king, begin to play themselves as the king. Hence he shall employ as ministers such new persons as are proficient in the science of polity. It is such new persons who will regard the king as the real sceptre-bearer (dandadhara) and dare not offend him.”
“No,” says the son of Báhudantí (a woman); “for a man possessed of only theoretical knowledge and having no experience of practical politics is likely to commit serious blunders when engaged in actual works. Hence he shall employ as ministers such as are born of high family and possessed of wisdom, purity of purpose, bravery and loyal feelings in as much as ministerial appointments shall purely depend on qualifications.”
“This,” says Kautilya, “is satisfactory in all respects; for a man’s ability is inferred from his capacity shown in work. And in accordance in difference in the working capacity,
Having divided the spheres of their powers and having definitely taken into consideration the place and time where and when they have to work, such persons shall be employed not as councillors (mantrinah) but as ministerial officers (amátyah).
[Thus ends Chapter VIII, “Creation of Ministers” in Book I, “Concerning Discipline” of the Arthasástra of Kautilya.]

It is not my dream, it has been the practise in India since time immemorial…..
Some where we left all that in between….
We sheeplessly afford a Shibu soren, a Lalu yadav, a Bhuta singh and now we have a Jaswant singh who have crash landed in the utopia of jokers, the Indian ruling class….

The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe, with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time. ….

May God save us…

From my now defunct blog "open doors.."July 26th, 2006

I don’t know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn’t. ~Jules Renard

Is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s blunders? ~Friedrich Nietzsche

The Tantri (Head priest of the famous Hindu shrine of Sabarimala here at Kerala) is in the news for all the bad reasons……..Sex..lies..videotapes..photographs..liason with prostitutes…late night sojourns (holy visits )…alchohol….If it sounds a bit too puffered to believe it …my regrets but this man..this holy creature who was the Brahmachari Lord Ayyappa’s Chief servant ,…The shrine at Sabarimala, is located ( for the ones who dont know where it is.. amidst deep forests and hills in south Kerala, atop a hill and houses the Lord Ayyappa- in a Brahmachari form)…
The man and his family has amassed wealth-directly and indirectly as the chief priest ship or the “Thanthriship” is the prerogative of his family..Sordid tales of the families misdemanours and illicit behaviour are slowly trickling out..for years now they had taken refuge in wine and women.. and it is said that in many cases they even had the audacity to take women ( By ritual Sabarimala bans the entry of women who menstruate) to the hilltop residences and even inside the temple. The yester years Kannada actress Jayamala has confessed how easily she could enter the holy shrine and even touch the idol. This sacrelege and blasphemy of sorts have been going on and on…this day light plunder and pillage has been flourishing unchecked..This disgusting dreadfulness has been the order of the priestdom of Sabaraimala..( some where in the net I got along list of priests who have erred, commited dire flaws and they include every one — church ..mosques…temples.. every one)…..
What worries me is not what the Tanthri and his family had been doing..They have abused the sanctity of a religiuos place..plundered it money… had sex and orgy within and outside..had wine and entertained themselves with money the millions of dim-witted devotees ( I am one of them) have swamped the Temple with… what worries me more is those millions of women, whose terrible and tragic faces,,those women who werent any heroines of films, who were sent back, simply because they menstruate and to cover that ,they didnt know any head priest and shared his bar or bedroom….those women who were sent back at the valley by police men and women ,as they werent eligible’ to see the brahmachari lord who would get irate ,by traditional belief, and fume and burn the devotee to ashes…
If all that were true how could this man carry on…?
If that isnt true then what is?
Or is it that the Lord have escaped long back unable to face all that happens in his name…?
I will never again take the pain of going back to that hilltop shrine after taking all the pain and hardships of one month fast and strict observationof celibacy, the tough terrain and the hills to be climbed by walk, chanting the lords tales… with multitudes of fellow Indians— From everywhere..reach be ill ,with the long serpent queue’ be pulled and pushed by the guards and be abused and battered by the men in see the lords idol just as a glimpse..that too if Im Lucky… and now that I know what the priestdom is up to…

Are you still there My lord…?

Will you appear again like you did, to kill rakshasas and demons…?

Waiting for Ghaznavi

From my now defunct blog "open doors" dated July 15th, 2006 ...

On 19 March 2005 Pakistan successfully test-fired its longest-range, nuclear-capable missile. The Shaheen II missile successfully hit the target at a range of 2,000 km. President General Pervez Musharraf witnessed the test and congratulated the scientists and engineers for developing the missile. This missile which incorporates an advanced two-stage solid motor technology, can carry all types of conventional and nuclear warheads and would be titled Ghaznavi, to honour the ‘legendary Mahmud of Ghazni “who was the Muslim ruler who invaded India sevaral times and desecrated temples and Hindus.
That was a piece of news I gathered from the net when I saw a news clipping in CNN- IBN today about a raid Indian security officials ( they seems to have woken up) conducted at some SIMI office.. SIMI for the uninitiated is the Students (? ) Islamic Movement of India. There was a poster in that office which displayed a slogan which hurt me immensely and simply refuses to die…. the pain says..waiting for Ghaznavi..
India no doubt is a secular republic…It had been that way allways..not much by choice but out of cowardice ..still it has inherited secular values… An organisation like SIMI which is suspected to have close linkages to their god fathers in Pakistan ( the land of Pure) ,an organisation who is accused along with the likes of LeT ,and such other Jihadi groups as trouble makers, and organisation whom every one knows that something fishy is lurking… an organisation which every knew that it is a main string in the Islamic Indian terror web , we allowed all the Main SIMI leaders to escape the country well before the recent Mumbai blasts and well after they had hatched the plot..we have a had a national leader ( a secularist of course) , chief minister of the largest state.. the hot ground of religious extremism..Uttar Pradesh..supporting SIMI…. and saying that there is not proof to accuse them…simply the above said poster would be enough to hang or banish all the SIMI ghosts who eat here but are loyal to the shadow fighting cowards across the neighbour….
Dear readers…please visit this link to know more of SIMI and how dreadful they are….….
Im awed by the sheer lethargy with which India is reacting..the PM utters the same old stuff…”we condemn and we will book the culprits.. India will not bow…”…how tragic….
India will not bow…, because we are already crawling in deep shit..mirking with our heads in shame….

Shame on us …bloody Indians!!!

This article is from my blog' Open doors' dated July12th 2006which is now defunct.......

Our hearts where they rocked our cradle,
Our love where we spent our toil,
And our faith, and our hope, and our honor,
We pledge to our native soil.
God gave all men all earth to love,
But since our hearts are small,
Ordained for each one spot should proveBeloved over all.
~Rudyard Kipling

Terror again…. and India Inc is coping it ,effortlessly, shamlessly and in a disgusting apathy, which will even put the terroristswho planned the whole mayhem to trigger reaction ,into shame…..
For most of India it is in Mumbai, far away place, as distant as Newyork…For most of India it happened in Mumbai and so as unaffecting as it would be ,if it had happened in London.
Probably we are the only country in the world with such shamelessness to the core, such lack or remorse over attacks and abuses forming the core of our culture. Probably we the only one country in the world, which had been invaded by every vandal, every conquerer, every bigot and every obscurantist who wanted fame, power and riches. Remember The invader from Ghazni attacked Somnath 17 times or so and still he kept coming, with no resistance but surrender, every time…
The gora, the kala, every one has taken India forgranted…every Pakistan , Bangladesh ( which we created ) Burma, Nepal….Even a Srilanka threatens India, ridicules and scoff at, deride and mock us ,in the international community….
And that is what we deserve…for being a nation of unabashed and ignominious idiots, for being a society who in the name of tolerance that we have inherited ,display cowardice and lack of spine, thus causing infamy.
We ,None of us see India as a whole entity..we are made to grow up by the system as a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or a Christian, as a Marwadi, Bihari , Malayali or a Marathi, as a Northie or a Southie, as a Jat , Brahmin, Sunni, or a Roman catholic,….all that and more but never as an Indian and that is the tragedy..
that is the catastrophe which the institutions that post independent indiacreated to rule us, has inflicted on us.The Congress, BJP, The Marxist…all are to be blame..
they have made us grow up as midgets,……
that have installed poison into our veins, injected venom into our blood, installed indignity into our brains….
to quote mark twain…”My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one’s country, not to its institutions or its office-holders”.
Terror strikes once again….In Delhi, In Coimbatore, in Mumbai, In Ayodhya ,In Bangalore, In Kashmir ,In IISC, at Akshardham ,even Inside the Parliament of India and still we know not how to answer..The lousy ,penpuller palanquin bearer primeminister seems to have gone hiding behind his dowager empress, the BJP seems to be passing the blame and culpabilty to the current rulers, as if they had been firm when they ruled us, the left, is not bothered as long as it is India and not China or Cuba…
What about poor you and me..the multitudes of Indians who still at the end of every five year repeat the predecided roles in the comedy of errors which they call as ‘elections’ and by which the world takes India as the worlds largest democracy.. The home minister after three hours of meeting after the terror struck yesterday, came out and said,…”the governement of India strongly condemn this act of terror”…
Thats all….and nothing more nothing less…. no reaction like the one Isreal does to anyone who dares touch their citizens…the show will go on….Who will take care of you and me…?
Bloody Indian ..if you still think that the Manmohan singhs will.. the Sonia Gandhis will..the Shivraj patils will ( the Homeminister ..who is nothing but a joker) the Lk Advanis and Vajpayess will, the Red Yechuris and Prakash Karats will…they will announce grants form their Lutyens mansions in Delhi..remember the Bhophal victims are still fighting court cases for compensations announced….if you are still hope that they can save you..then let God save you…
and the talks about the will power of the Mumbaikar ..the rising from the ashes..poor things they have no other choice…not out of conviction half of mumbai lives is compulsion..
If you are educated…fly..Europe..America… even Africa would do..get lost and be safe… and when the Neta comes begging to the NRI..slap him on his face with the dirtiest of your shoes…..
If you are young ,,study well,with or without reservations, regardless of what the Marxist and the Fascist would be blabbering from the roof tops… learn and get out….
If you are old and not educated probablythe only option is not to be a buffoon next time when the annual ritual of election comes..stay away.. watch some stupid soap opera in TV…. and perish when your time comes…..
Never tell any one that you are an Indian..that is shame… that simply means you are a gutless… unreactive ..inert gas…….

aurevoir m.zidane…….

Posted in my blog 'Open doors'
onJuly 11th, 2006, which is now defunct...

the world cup ends and Zidane ends World Cup, career with red card for intentional head-butt collision
The parting image for the France captain will forever be him rearing back in anger, lowering his head and launching his bald crown into the chest of Italy defender Marco Materazzi after the two exchanged words while walking down the field in extra time Sunday.
The game was tied 1-1 when Zidane was given a red card in the 110th minute. Without their sharpshooting captain, the French couldn’t unlock Italy’s defense and went on to lose in a shootout, 5-3.
“Zidane being sent off changed everything,” France coach Raymond Domenech said. “Even in extra time the Italian team was waiting for only one thing, and that was penalties.”
Domenech said he did not know what Materazzi said to Zidane.
“It’s regrettable,” Domenech said. “We regret it, he regrets it.”
The strike to the center of Materazzi’s chest was clearly intentional, and referee Horacio Elizondo of Argentina briefly consulted with his assistants before showing Zidane the 28th red card of the tournament, a World Cup record. The previous record of 22 red cards, set in 1998, was broken before the quarterfinals round began.
“I have not seen the replays, but if it’s voluntary then there’s nothing you can say,” Domenech said. “But it’s a shame. It’s sad.”
Head bowed, Zidane walked past Domenech but did not look at him. As he exited into the tunnel, his head still bent to the ground, he strode past the golden World Cup trophy and disappeared.
Zidane, whose sparkling play led the French to the 1998 title and carried them much deeper into this tournament than expected, previously said he would quit the game at the end of the World Cup.
Why does such a trained .learned experienced professional loose his nerves at the drop of a hat ,and that to at that fine moment ,in the pinnacle of his official life ,when the whole world was waiting to see him retired crowned in glory….?
Why zidane is suddenly taken as a bad example of how some one should not behave in public and as some one whom no one want to rememeber of ..regardless of his contribution to the sport, to France including the last world cup title…?
He still lives…. that last flaw ( what a terrible flaw .zidane..) that last flaw withstanding…. he lives in every one who loved the grace of zidane in the field, the elegance, the ecsatacy and the effulgence he bought into the game,,,,….
Au revoir zidane….

chasing the monsoon…..

Posted in my blog 'open doors ' on July 6th, 2006 which is now defunct.....

Its heavily raining in Kerala…its monsoon…..when rain gods bless with abundant showers , this wonderful strip of land which by any standards , is the beautiful best in the world…so green ,so lush , so serene , so vivid and varied in landscape, hills and rivers, seas and plains ……it seems GOD created this land as his dwelling… there by giving it the name ” God’s own country”…..
Alexander Frater wrote ….
The first sounds I ever heard were those of falling rain. It was tropical, the kind that seems to possess a metallic weight and mass…
He got mesmerised by the monsoon which slowly advanced into the body of India from the southern tip -Kanyakumari, spreading into the geopolitical terrain of Kerala, which anxiously waits for the showers to sweep left and right, after three gruelling months of summer….people jump in joy..they run out to their “nadumuttams” in their traditional dwellings…more modern ones, the city living animals,enjoy rains through their windows of their cramped flats or in the roar of the rain which peeps in through the artificial cielings of their multi storied offices.
The Government as usual, is apathic, year after year, reacting to rains as if it is a new phenomenon, like the ‘tsunami’ about which, they have never before heard of, about the ferocity of which they hadnt ever seen of….so come rains, power goes down, cables go off… floods ,bulding collapse, deaths, diorrhea, dysentry…disease, relief camps…tall claims and promises, the ‘help’ from the centre which helps the rulers and politicians send more of their sons and daughters to switzerland ( to study there and to operate their swiss accounts from there)…
The beauty of the rain ends with the first couple of days.. then it is misery, total melancholy….men are left to defend for themselves…poor creatures….To quote Frater “There is romance in the season but there is a reverse side as well — floods, death and deprivation. People in Bangladesh suffer terribly. Because of deforestation, the rainwater hits the plateau very badly. In India I feel sorry for pavement dwellers. How they conquer the monsoon is an annual miracle. Even on a day when it is pouring and hutments flooded, I have seen little school children come with perfectly starched, spotless white school uniforms. It is extraordinary.”
Most of my fellow Malayalis would not have heard of this man…his love for rain taking him all the way to India, to travel north from the southern most tip, with the advancing monsoon, and later gifting us with the best book on the monsoon…Can we blame them for not having heard Alexander frater and his romance with the rain…
I see it every day..the hard life that the long long monsoon brings in…i dont want the rain to vanish… i dont want..i just want it to stop taking away poor me and my fellow beings in the deluge….instead let them take away the politician, the IAS IPS and other rulers..despots..bigots.. and make it a cleaner place…
A real Gods on country….

un’reserved’ comments

Posted on June 8th on my blog "opendoors"which is now defunct....

send to me by a friend…


Sun is rising as usual in the east. Im standing here outside the school,waiting for my 10 yr kid. He studies in class 2. Only this yearhe could get admission into the school. For the last 5 yrs, admissions were closed for the general category students.
School bell rings. I can see a lot of happy children coming out of the gate, as i waited for half an hour and my kid came at last after other children. General students are not allowed to cross the gate unless other OBC/SC/ST students have crossed the gates.
OBC/SC/ST fathers drive away their children in classy cars. But i have to walk back home with my kid a 5 km stretch.I lost my car some years back when Govt. came with a rule that general people have to deposit a tax equal to cost of their cars. Failing which i had to sell the car. As far as buses are concerned, most of the seats in buses are reserved for OBC/SC/ST. So no place there also.
After walking some 5km in scorching heat i finally reached home. It was wednesday … shit , no electricity. Every mon, wed, thu, sat is power cut in the houses of General category population. So that SC/ST/OBC can be uplifted by providing them with every opportunity and in that consideration electricity is an important factor.
Its 10:00 pm in night no electricity at home. Its very hot inside thefour walls of home. So i dare to step out to the park nearby with my wife and kid. I got seated myself with my family on a secluded bench in garden.It was hardly 5 min … a guard came to us strolling in the park.
He asked me -what caste you belong to?.
I said with some hesitation .. G..General.
He asked me to pay a fine of Rs.200 and get out of the park.
My Fault…
The bench i was sitting on was meant for again the SC/ST/OBC. For their upliftment, peace of mind is an essential thing. So govt came with this decision to reserve benches for them. Kudos to them…
Its early in the morning …the newspaper guy just knocked the door. I took the newspaper and started reading ..,its independence day . i never used to forget this days some 20 yrs back. My kid hardly knows wat 15th august is, because i never told him any stories of greatness of our country or anything related to country. I don’t feel like telling him the failures after freedom. I dont feel like telling him the tales od Arjun singhs and Manmohan singhs and the double tounge ,hypocritic leftists…
On front page of newspaper, in a corner their is a news about a OBC member getting 6 months impriosonment in “BAL SUDHAR GRAHA” from ajuvenile court for murdering and raping a six year old girl. Yes therules have been amended, since the last5 years. The Culprit was a 25 year old OBC so age relaxation wasprovided for trial of crime. So he was taken to juvenile court, sincethere is an age relaxation for OBC/SC/ST.
About 11 am some one gave me the BAD news about demise of one of my neighbour and friend Mr.Nambiar (uppercaste). I went to his house for condolence next day, his body was lying there still rotting in the heat. I asked his son about the Cremation. His son told me “Many reserved category have died yesterday so we are not getting entry to creamtion ground”.
This rule is the latest from Govt, where the seats in creamtion ground will be reserved for SC/ST/OBC for their upliftment. Finally next day Nambiar was creamted. i could see the sun setting through the fFlames burning a liberated Body, liberated from caste n creed. I was surprised.
sun still sets in the west.?
it was about 9 pm , i was about to sleep in my bed my son came to me with innocence in his eyes, inquisitively he asked me the question:
“what is reservation?”
i asked me where u heard that.
He suddenly burst in tears .. i asked him to keep..quiet But i couldlisten through his sobs “i too want reservation”.
How can i convince him its no other toy in the market i can get for him?
He kept crying that night ,claiming many of “his classmates have got reservation”.
To make him quiet i said ok ,i’ll buy you reservation at your nextB’day.
HOPE he understands the bloody concept soon.. hope he wakes up to the fact that India is ruled by bloody old geriatrics, who have gone senile.. who need not have to think about its future.. their family and sons they have made it all secure..
rest of india… gaye phad mein….