Dec 6, 2006

Waiting for Ghaznavi

From my now defunct blog "open doors" dated July 15th, 2006 ...

On 19 March 2005 Pakistan successfully test-fired its longest-range, nuclear-capable missile. The Shaheen II missile successfully hit the target at a range of 2,000 km. President General Pervez Musharraf witnessed the test and congratulated the scientists and engineers for developing the missile. This missile which incorporates an advanced two-stage solid motor technology, can carry all types of conventional and nuclear warheads and would be titled Ghaznavi, to honour the ‘legendary Mahmud of Ghazni “who was the Muslim ruler who invaded India sevaral times and desecrated temples and Hindus.
That was a piece of news I gathered from the net when I saw a news clipping in CNN- IBN today about a raid Indian security officials ( they seems to have woken up) conducted at some SIMI office.. SIMI for the uninitiated is the Students (? ) Islamic Movement of India. There was a poster in that office which displayed a slogan which hurt me immensely and simply refuses to die…. the pain says..waiting for Ghaznavi..
India no doubt is a secular republic…It had been that way allways..not much by choice but out of cowardice ..still it has inherited secular values… An organisation like SIMI which is suspected to have close linkages to their god fathers in Pakistan ( the land of Pure) ,an organisation who is accused along with the likes of LeT ,and such other Jihadi groups as trouble makers, and organisation whom every one knows that something fishy is lurking… an organisation which every knew that it is a main string in the Islamic Indian terror web , we allowed all the Main SIMI leaders to escape the country well before the recent Mumbai blasts and well after they had hatched the plot..we have a had a national leader ( a secularist of course) , chief minister of the largest state.. the hot ground of religious extremism..Uttar Pradesh..supporting SIMI…. and saying that there is not proof to accuse them…simply the above said poster would be enough to hang or banish all the SIMI ghosts who eat here but are loyal to the shadow fighting cowards across the neighbour….
Dear readers…please visit this link to know more of SIMI and how dreadful they are….….
Im awed by the sheer lethargy with which India is reacting..the PM utters the same old stuff…”we condemn and we will book the culprits.. India will not bow…”…how tragic….
India will not bow…, because we are already crawling in deep shit..mirking with our heads in shame….

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