Jul 22, 2010

Hail Indian DemocraZy !!!!

Jyoti Kumari is a symbol of the rot and rascals that rule us.. Far away in Bihar, she but is here and there every where as the misfortune that rules India, making sure that we remain poor, illiterate , impoverished and above all primitive so that every 5 years they can arrive in there Scorpios and Mercs with plastic smiles and beg for votes..

She is a Congress MLC protesting her ouster for what you see here down in the video and this is her form of protest.. How I Hope Gandhi , whom they call the Mahatma , was alive to see what he left of to his protege Nehru has taken this country to...

If I dont get to rule, I will destroy everything, I will hold the people to ransom, I will violate all rules and laws regardless of the fact that my tribe has made over ages ...... that seems to be the motto of our ruler.....

Every time such stuff comes up all the parties shamelessly jump into the fray accusing each other but in the process maintaining a strange unison.. they are all the same, only the people are different be it colour, caste , creed or cost of living that they can encur...

Least I can say .. Hail this great democraZy of ours !!!!

Jul 21, 2010

AN Arab son's letter !

Dear Dad

Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really
like it here, but Dad, I am a bit ashamed to arrive
at my college with my pure-gold Ferrari 599GTB
when all my teachers and many fellow students
travel by train.

Your son, Nasser

The next day, Nasser gets a reply to his e-mail
from his dad:

My dear loving son

Twenty million US Dollar has just been transferred
to your account. Please stop embarrassing us.
Go and get yourself a train too.

Love, your Dad