Dec 6, 2006

un’reserved’ comments

Posted on June 8th on my blog "opendoors"which is now defunct....

send to me by a friend…


Sun is rising as usual in the east. Im standing here outside the school,waiting for my 10 yr kid. He studies in class 2. Only this yearhe could get admission into the school. For the last 5 yrs, admissions were closed for the general category students.
School bell rings. I can see a lot of happy children coming out of the gate, as i waited for half an hour and my kid came at last after other children. General students are not allowed to cross the gate unless other OBC/SC/ST students have crossed the gates.
OBC/SC/ST fathers drive away their children in classy cars. But i have to walk back home with my kid a 5 km stretch.I lost my car some years back when Govt. came with a rule that general people have to deposit a tax equal to cost of their cars. Failing which i had to sell the car. As far as buses are concerned, most of the seats in buses are reserved for OBC/SC/ST. So no place there also.
After walking some 5km in scorching heat i finally reached home. It was wednesday … shit , no electricity. Every mon, wed, thu, sat is power cut in the houses of General category population. So that SC/ST/OBC can be uplifted by providing them with every opportunity and in that consideration electricity is an important factor.
Its 10:00 pm in night no electricity at home. Its very hot inside thefour walls of home. So i dare to step out to the park nearby with my wife and kid. I got seated myself with my family on a secluded bench in garden.It was hardly 5 min … a guard came to us strolling in the park.
He asked me -what caste you belong to?.
I said with some hesitation .. G..General.
He asked me to pay a fine of Rs.200 and get out of the park.
My Fault…
The bench i was sitting on was meant for again the SC/ST/OBC. For their upliftment, peace of mind is an essential thing. So govt came with this decision to reserve benches for them. Kudos to them…
Its early in the morning …the newspaper guy just knocked the door. I took the newspaper and started reading ..,its independence day . i never used to forget this days some 20 yrs back. My kid hardly knows wat 15th august is, because i never told him any stories of greatness of our country or anything related to country. I don’t feel like telling him the failures after freedom. I dont feel like telling him the tales od Arjun singhs and Manmohan singhs and the double tounge ,hypocritic leftists…
On front page of newspaper, in a corner their is a news about a OBC member getting 6 months impriosonment in “BAL SUDHAR GRAHA” from ajuvenile court for murdering and raping a six year old girl. Yes therules have been amended, since the last5 years. The Culprit was a 25 year old OBC so age relaxation wasprovided for trial of crime. So he was taken to juvenile court, sincethere is an age relaxation for OBC/SC/ST.
About 11 am some one gave me the BAD news about demise of one of my neighbour and friend Mr.Nambiar (uppercaste). I went to his house for condolence next day, his body was lying there still rotting in the heat. I asked his son about the Cremation. His son told me “Many reserved category have died yesterday so we are not getting entry to creamtion ground”.
This rule is the latest from Govt, where the seats in creamtion ground will be reserved for SC/ST/OBC for their upliftment. Finally next day Nambiar was creamted. i could see the sun setting through the fFlames burning a liberated Body, liberated from caste n creed. I was surprised.
sun still sets in the west.?
it was about 9 pm , i was about to sleep in my bed my son came to me with innocence in his eyes, inquisitively he asked me the question:
“what is reservation?”
i asked me where u heard that.
He suddenly burst in tears .. i asked him to keep..quiet But i couldlisten through his sobs “i too want reservation”.
How can i convince him its no other toy in the market i can get for him?
He kept crying that night ,claiming many of “his classmates have got reservation”.
To make him quiet i said ok ,i’ll buy you reservation at your nextB’day.
HOPE he understands the bloody concept soon.. hope he wakes up to the fact that India is ruled by bloody old geriatrics, who have gone senile.. who need not have to think about its future.. their family and sons they have made it all secure..
rest of india… gaye phad mein….

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