Sep 19, 2009

Shashi Tharoor and the Holy cows !!!

Shashi Tharoor said a sorry and got out of the cattle class controversy… Now he has himself became one holy cow, now that he REALLY “understands the sentiments of people”, and will become what his party wanted him to be… a politician …

It is not a fall for Mr Shashi Tharoor for whom the current job (the union minister of state for External affairs) isn’t any greater than the ones he has handled in the past… The holy cows that he serve is a group of self obsessed self important politico’s who survive on symbolisms and token gestures..

What, otherwise will explain economy class and train travel for Madam Sonia, her son HRH the crown prince of India and their pen pullers and palanquin bearers given the fact that when they travel their many SUV’s have to be taken, seats in and around the VIP’s will have to fly empty, they fly only with kith and kin, chamchas and cooks in attendance.. How much money is saved?

What otherwise will explain the tokenism in this much touted economy class travel as if it is as pathetic as the general class in the ordinary trains where most of Indians stacked like cattle travel without complaints and ado.. ?

What otherwise will explain the large palaces on which out MP’s ,Ministers and the ex MP’s and ministers live in Lutyens Delhi, spending money on fanfare and their pageantry .. P Lakshmi, a minister in this cabinet wants new toilets in every corner it seems, Prince Jyothiradiya Scindia wants Italian marbles everywhere in his palace ( His reverence to Italy has no bounds really!) and Mani shankar Iyer, the EX MP and EX Minister is simply refusing to quit his bungalow…. People have dumped him in the elections and yet…why the hell should we the tax payer pay for his luxury living..?

What otherwise will explain the shamelessness with which each minister spends on 16 personal staff and other paraphernalia and no holy cows daring to venture to cut the flab, even marginally?

What otherwise will explain the sycophancy with which the palace cleaners like Jayanthi Natarajan and door mats like Ashok Gehlot jumped into the fray with jealousy and contempt (on the rise of the man whom they can but envy only) , asking for his removal and resignation..? How many politicians will dare to go around the town and tear his own posters saying "its a beuatiful town, I dont want politics to disfigure it" ?

Is it not clear why this is happening? Will our politicians ever learn to take concrete steps to improve the cattle class ( yes majority of Indians live a life worse than cattles and that is true.. )than mere sloganeering and absurd enactments of tokenism?

Holy cows!!!