Mar 19, 2009

Men are Men !!!

Nothing much to add... having a helmet helps.. thats all !!!

Mar 17, 2009

Another stupid Gandi....

"BJP believes in integration and what we have seen on TV is unacceptable. This is Congress culture. This is not our culture. Yes! the BJP's image has been affected by his comments BJP has instructed all its candidates to integrate and we will decide what action has to be taken against him by party after his explanation,"

Oh yeah!!!! was my first reaction when I heard BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi waxing in some news hungry english channel that celebrated the kiddo Gandi, the BJP Gandi who seems to have walked into trouble for his anti muslim rhetoric that sounded like lack of proper schooling spiced with the typical arrogance that runs in the family and served with ignorance, apathy and irritating jingoism that in one way or other have made the Nehru -Gandi clan !!!!

Gandhi they are NOT and Gandi that they are... Poor Mohandas Gandhi.... the clan so skillfully stole his caste name, and survived so long and flourished like a parasite on this ignorant nation.... have done everything, been scripting and enacting every sordid drama, feeding and breeding iconoclasts and terror mongers of every sort, only to get killed by them, showing utter disrespect to this nations fundamentals like democracy and federalism, and yet getting away with it, walking into power and behind the power just by virtue of marriage, as medieval princes did and keeping this nation primitive so that it remains under the spell… a group of geriatrics in the name of the clan ruled this hapless nation…

The new generation of Gandi’s seemed to be refreshing but they are proving to be no better… Rahul and Varun… one is the crown prince of India, self declared future prime minister who as of now is just a general secretary of the party which has been a personal fiefdom of his family since generations, but at the sight of whom the whole party trembles and bows and drags their feet in veneration …. From 95 year life long congress men to the neo rich and English speaking congressi, it is a pathetic sight that see or mention a Gandi, the fall flat.. As if the congressi Gandi’s weren’t enough the BJP too has got one in there fold, the young chocolate faced Varun Gandi, (son of the notorious Sanjay Gandi) , who last day spoke and spoke with impunity and insensitivity about the muslims in general of this nation…..he spoke so much so that even the hard rock and fire brand BJP leaders were dumbstruck …. The party is distancing himself from this seemingly Katyar in the making, who as congress men claim is a disgrace to the family (as if a lot of grace is left) and some even want to make him apologise…

Shouldn’t this nation be thinking , at least when we vote in this election… is this the type of leaders that we want…?

Don’t we deserve better behaving people to lead us than these idiots and ill-bred specimens?