Sep 27, 2007

the ass who is the Indian politician !!!

Indian politician has done it again, be it the BCCI officials ,the Maharashtra Cricket board or the like , the types of Sarad Pawar and Mukul wasnik sat proud in spotless white, in naked and dirty display of their shamelessness and the depths of stinking rot that they are in when it comes to be in the front row, no matter how ass like they look like in the effort. The media was abuzz with criticism of how the ruling class in their mercs and BMWs accompanied the men in blue ,who became wet in the merciless rain, in an open bus all through their way to the wankade stadium, along with the millions of Mumbaikars and once in the stadium how the men in white put their firm asses in the front row, smiling, giving bhashans in Marathi and taking a dig here and a dig there ,and reducing it to an NCP rally of sorts..While the ones who did the job for India at the T20 were relegated to the background, the politicians proved yet again that they never fight shy of appropriating glory...... shameless the politician is , but the average Indian feels ashamed, at this parade of duplicity, at this audacious quench to father someone elses kid ....

When will the Khadi man learn to keep his ass off from sports atleast?
Enough of growing sports sir... leave them alone and they will proove better !!!!

Sep 25, 2007

Chak de India...!!!!

I definitely am not a couch potato, watching cricket all day and night, no matter who is playing with whom, but the latest renaissance that India ( minus the Uncles and grandold men who simply refuse to retire, and more importantly minus a coach whom they say ran away tired of the "Indian team work") seem to be bravely demonstrating, made even the pessimistin me wake up and watch... the nail biting last over when The Boys of Mahendra singh dhoni performe the Mahendrajal, was awesome but before you see that second video see this one, when some years back Miandad did another magic, to be answered only yesterday...

Three cheers to India for the splendid victory that you snatched from the jaws of defeat and three cheers to Pakistan for the wonderful cricket , till the last minute!!!

Sep 24, 2007

the rich and the ugly..!!!!

this diamond studded merc reportedly belongs to Prince Waleed of UAE... the rest is visible !!!!