Jul 26, 2008

Come and rape us,, India is still a soft state!!!

Dear terrorist,
Kudos dudes,,, you have done it again and let me on behalf of my secular governement congratulate you on this continuous feat that you guys achieved ( forget the fact that we ,with our criminal negligence and silence because we are more "secularist" than ''Indian" helped you more than you helped yourself , to be the winner always) and let me assure you that you have a lot more to go.
India is still soft and it is my promise that we shall for ever remain so. Ignore the fact that me and my President have condemned the blasts... this time you saved us lot of time and effort by blasting two cities within a span of 24 hours.. we didnt have to condemn it twice.. that is what we do the max.. CONDEMN.. and then we relax and rest in the safe palatial homes that the poor Indian gives us to live and rule them...and for me I am tired of last weeks confidence drama in the parliament.. I still dont know who was given what and how much... God knows when they are all going to bounce back on me...chalo.. for the time being this blast now has taken attention from the MP buying episode.. now the media and people ( idiots they are) will run behind this blasts analysing thread bare , day in and day out and find out that it was a handywork of anti national terrorists with external help... so what? we always know that and that is what our investigations have always told us and we rest on all those reports with our ass firm on them.
A special thanks for the extra communal angle that you have so strategically incorporated this time . BJP states and one by one... we have been trying to tell INDIA that be secular and dont vote for them... and now this .... may be the people of India will now realise how dangerous, voting for communal forces can be and next year return us to power The broom sticks and door mats at Madam Gandhi's house shall take up the burden of ruling India... what can we do? God has made us the secular parties with the burden of ruling this poor country!!
Thanks for the audacity in which you attacked places one after other and then after 10 minutes strike the hospitals nearby so that the injured cannot be taken there as well.. Planning- we should learn from you guys...but not to worry we shall never learn from you and shall remain stunned and stupid everytime the HUJI and SIMI wake us up with blast after blast... we shall also not go behind or hunt down the criminals who we know and all know are behind this acts, since we are more secular and we will protect secularism and no matter how many blasts you do, in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore , and Ahmedabad... even below our nose in the courtyard of the Indian parliament, we will shun and shy away from responsibility, we will feign ignorance and bring in secularism'' and hide behind that curtain...
Thanks for the updates that you give us about our intelligence faliure.. we shall remain so and will not allow ,no matter what happens, the RAW and IB and the CBI to be independent and modern, we shall and will make sure that we are commited to saving the minority no matter what happens to the majority in this wreched nation and shall not chase and pusue you down.. and do not worry even if we track you down by mistake we shall keep you in jail, open shameless debates on secularism and attribute a dirty communal angle which tries to project an innocent terrorist like Afzal guru who did nothing but a small attack on the Indian parliament... I wonder why the communal elements do not understand that in secularism this all happens?
We need votes, and no matter who you are... bangladeshi, pakistani or sudani, we shall allow you to sneak in through our well kept porous borders and keep you happy with ration cards and voting rights.. we want to rule and live in the pomp and pageantry of Lutyen's Delhi ....No matter what the bloody Indian on the roads do and how they live and die like disease struck animals... we shall remain shameless and spineless and my home minister like after every other blast in the past will talk to the media and of course condemn it and constitute an enquiry... no one shall ask him what happend to the enquiries of the past.. he will not answer and if you persist ,he will condemn the one who asks him such questions. His home secretary will look into the sky when the minister looks at him for some sensible answers...and we all will meet again and again drink tea and blame the state govt and they will blame us... the citizen will keep wondering who is to be blamed? and decide that we "will fight terrorism" together but that is it... we shall remain what we are and who knows us better than you....
We are a nation of billions, largest democracy, one of the largest armies, airpower and all thatbla bla, but we are also a nation of hypocrisy and we specialise in celebrating cowardice...

Just keep coming... !!!!

Thanks and regards...

Prime minister Of India