Dec 6, 2006

May God save us…

From my now defunct blog "open doors.."July 26th, 2006

I don’t know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn’t. ~Jules Renard

Is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s blunders? ~Friedrich Nietzsche

The Tantri (Head priest of the famous Hindu shrine of Sabarimala here at Kerala) is in the news for all the bad reasons……..Sex..lies..videotapes..photographs..liason with prostitutes…late night sojourns (holy visits )…alchohol….If it sounds a bit too puffered to believe it …my regrets but this man..this holy creature who was the Brahmachari Lord Ayyappa’s Chief servant ,…The shrine at Sabarimala, is located ( for the ones who dont know where it is.. amidst deep forests and hills in south Kerala, atop a hill and houses the Lord Ayyappa- in a Brahmachari form)…
The man and his family has amassed wealth-directly and indirectly as the chief priest ship or the “Thanthriship” is the prerogative of his family..Sordid tales of the families misdemanours and illicit behaviour are slowly trickling out..for years now they had taken refuge in wine and women.. and it is said that in many cases they even had the audacity to take women ( By ritual Sabarimala bans the entry of women who menstruate) to the hilltop residences and even inside the temple. The yester years Kannada actress Jayamala has confessed how easily she could enter the holy shrine and even touch the idol. This sacrelege and blasphemy of sorts have been going on and on…this day light plunder and pillage has been flourishing unchecked..This disgusting dreadfulness has been the order of the priestdom of Sabaraimala..( some where in the net I got along list of priests who have erred, commited dire flaws and they include every one — church ..mosques…temples.. every one)…..
What worries me is not what the Tanthri and his family had been doing..They have abused the sanctity of a religiuos place..plundered it money… had sex and orgy within and outside..had wine and entertained themselves with money the millions of dim-witted devotees ( I am one of them) have swamped the Temple with… what worries me more is those millions of women, whose terrible and tragic faces,,those women who werent any heroines of films, who were sent back, simply because they menstruate and to cover that ,they didnt know any head priest and shared his bar or bedroom….those women who were sent back at the valley by police men and women ,as they werent eligible’ to see the brahmachari lord who would get irate ,by traditional belief, and fume and burn the devotee to ashes…
If all that were true how could this man carry on…?
If that isnt true then what is?
Or is it that the Lord have escaped long back unable to face all that happens in his name…?
I will never again take the pain of going back to that hilltop shrine after taking all the pain and hardships of one month fast and strict observationof celibacy, the tough terrain and the hills to be climbed by walk, chanting the lords tales… with multitudes of fellow Indians— From everywhere..reach be ill ,with the long serpent queue’ be pulled and pushed by the guards and be abused and battered by the men in see the lords idol just as a glimpse..that too if Im Lucky… and now that I know what the priestdom is up to…

Are you still there My lord…?

Will you appear again like you did, to kill rakshasas and demons…?

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