May 18, 2009

What Mahinda did and India didnt...!!!

Prayers that he did, tough action that he and his generals ventured into and the act when got together, vanquished one of the most dreaded terror outfits and its autocratic leader ship which began with a cause but deviated and ended up in self importance and impunity with which it even killed and exterminated its own leadership....

Prabhakaran but would be remembered as the one man , who stood for a cause and made sure that the guys with he fought acknowledged the issue. Mahinda Rajapaksha on the other hand for sure would be remembered as the One man who finally did it, and proved that there can be no organisation ,however funded, equipped and supported from outside, that can survive, when the STATE has the will otherwise..

India salutes both the causes and I hope the new rulers here (OLD ones with the new mandate) take a lesson or two from the small Sri Lankan army who did the most impossible thing....

The Eelam dream has thus formally come to an end...May the souls rest in peace and never come back to destroy peace !!!!

Jai Ho !!!!

All said and done, now that the dust and din is over....the latest Indian elections have thrown up the most debated arguement again. I have Just one answer to the question Is democracy doing good for us? Doing any GOOD for us?

YES !!! it is....

May be this election results, with all the ifs and buts of it, is going to be marked in golden letters in the history of democratic India as the the first decisive mandate (after so many decades of fractures & confused verdicts) that the people of this great country has given to Indian national Congress and its PRE POLL allies ( I put it in caps because it makes a lot of difference to choose allies after the election and cobble a mandate and winning with ones pre poll allies) and asking the BJP and its allies to sit in the oppostion again and learn more before aspiring..

The Left ( which is never right) led by the academic comrades like Karat and Yechury, in their fashion apparels ,drinking Coke and Munching big macs, have been shown their right place. The likes of Jaya- Maya- Lalu- Paswan etc have been routed.. (how I hope that the Congress will not repeat the mistake of roping in the comedians and criminals into its fold..

The likes of the DMK with the numbers and the increased bargaining power is poised to get more.......Cabinet Ministry for Maran(Karunanidhi's Nephew), Azhagiri ( Karunanidhi's Son), Kanimozhi ( Karunanidhi's Daughter) and many more from the clan is already being discussed.. if the old man from Chennai and his whims are allowed, that will be the biggest disgrace to this victory.

The young blood is poised to get more share of the power but that is yet to be seen... In the mean while I feel glad that the development will go on, the economic reforms and policies will take more concrete shape, now without the non commital left bargaining and barking from their support planks... I hope that terrorism is dealt with more sincerely and seriously, I hope that the PM comes out from Madam's shadows and talk to us, and throw away the impressions of being SHY and weak...

India rocks !!!!

Jai Ho!!!