Sep 26, 2008

Games Nations Play !

Nothing much to say !!!!!!!

Sep 22, 2008

look at me... look at me...hey hey look at me !!!!

Shivaraj Patil-- India's home minister who is in charge of all the bomb blasts that has happened in this helpless nation in a series for some time now, was seen in three different sets of clothes on the night of September 13 when serial blasts in New Delhi killed 22 people and the media went brauhaha over that.... He was accused him of paying more attention to his clothes than the blasts ,as if it is something new and he did a new crime... the man who was rejected by his own constituency Latur made a back door entry just because he was a stooge of the Madam who rules India.

"I live in a neat, clean manner," Home Minister Shivraj Patil said to media Tuesday dismissing criticism over his sartorial fetish. In the midst of a torrent of criticism from political parties and media over his changing three sets of clothes on the night of Saturday's serial blasts in Delhi, Patil says "you criticise my policies, you don't criticise my clothes".

(daily night prayer...Thank you Lord for saving me today
from bomb blasts, BMWs, Bluelines, Sensex… )

But dear sir... you dont have any policies sir except that you glorify the terrorist and vandals...remember your famous AFZAL GURU statements on the tune that he is a pakistani ,not a terrorist and so he should be send back kind of utterances, not withstanding the fact that Afzal Guru is not a Pakistani....(India's home minister didnt know that basic fact an that is a shock).

(Yes…I had prior information about theblasts…
I kept it in my pocket…then I changed the shirt…)

Afzal Guru is a known terrorist and the factual evidence against him for aiding and abetting terrorism is incontrovertible and his convinction and death sentence have been upheld by the highest court in India and not some Kangaroo Court in Pakistan where Judges are held in house Arrest at the whims and fancies of the Government of the Day or whoever is in power that given day.....

A joker that he is, spineless and shameless that he for sure is, why should India carry the burden of this man?
The ongoing bedlam or the home ministers attire is the question...

In India,where terrorists set off deadly serial blasts every few days. When our governments talk, we hear nothing but bravado and empty threats. After the Delhi this time again we watched a home minister using his prime time appearance to show off his sartorial taste and his empty words which meant nothing but apathy and incompetence...
That is why the nation is discussing your attire sir.....
Why is it so amusing that we as a nation cannot deal with this reality that more than the terror that is looming here within and from out, the tribe of politicians that rule us is even more dangerous?

(I have got a good news, sir. Your tailor is safe.)

Home minister Shivaraj Patil's dapper style, in the face of death, is a metaphor for the vainness and insentitivity of the Indian state and that is to say the least !!!

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