Dec 6, 2006

aurevoir m.zidane…….

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the world cup ends and Zidane ends World Cup, career with red card for intentional head-butt collision
The parting image for the France captain will forever be him rearing back in anger, lowering his head and launching his bald crown into the chest of Italy defender Marco Materazzi after the two exchanged words while walking down the field in extra time Sunday.
The game was tied 1-1 when Zidane was given a red card in the 110th minute. Without their sharpshooting captain, the French couldn’t unlock Italy’s defense and went on to lose in a shootout, 5-3.
“Zidane being sent off changed everything,” France coach Raymond Domenech said. “Even in extra time the Italian team was waiting for only one thing, and that was penalties.”
Domenech said he did not know what Materazzi said to Zidane.
“It’s regrettable,” Domenech said. “We regret it, he regrets it.”
The strike to the center of Materazzi’s chest was clearly intentional, and referee Horacio Elizondo of Argentina briefly consulted with his assistants before showing Zidane the 28th red card of the tournament, a World Cup record. The previous record of 22 red cards, set in 1998, was broken before the quarterfinals round began.
“I have not seen the replays, but if it’s voluntary then there’s nothing you can say,” Domenech said. “But it’s a shame. It’s sad.”
Head bowed, Zidane walked past Domenech but did not look at him. As he exited into the tunnel, his head still bent to the ground, he strode past the golden World Cup trophy and disappeared.
Zidane, whose sparkling play led the French to the 1998 title and carried them much deeper into this tournament than expected, previously said he would quit the game at the end of the World Cup.
Why does such a trained .learned experienced professional loose his nerves at the drop of a hat ,and that to at that fine moment ,in the pinnacle of his official life ,when the whole world was waiting to see him retired crowned in glory….?
Why zidane is suddenly taken as a bad example of how some one should not behave in public and as some one whom no one want to rememeber of ..regardless of his contribution to the sport, to France including the last world cup title…?
He still lives…. that last flaw ( what a terrible flaw .zidane..) that last flaw withstanding…. he lives in every one who loved the grace of zidane in the field, the elegance, the ecsatacy and the effulgence he bought into the game,,,,….
Au revoir zidane….

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