Aug 14, 2007

India at 60!!!

A night shelter set up by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi becomes a buzzing hive of commerce at 6 pm every day. The doors of Children's Development Bank -- India's only bank chain run by children -- are open for business.
By day, the premises serve as school that also serves midday meals to children. But as the day comes to close, the child-adults swagger in. These are rag-pickers and daily wagers engaged in menial labour -- washing utensils at weddings, for instance.....

Now at the 60 th year of Indian independence such small news makes a smile, leaves some ray of hope in even the most pessimistic Indian... Inspite of its politicians, India excels !!!! three cheers !!!!

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Ramjee said...

India does excel and we are going to make it happen.
Thanks Sabu for commenting on my stories.(i just got to see the comment).
It was more or less neglected over a long time. I guess it's time to revive some life into it.

Will try to post at least one in a month.