Jul 24, 2007

an ode to Kalam!!!

Kalam the man who made Indian prsesidency look bright and with a reason... never before it was so..... He was the only one who seems to have beleived in a vision for India, inspite of its politicians and thought of aplan for 2020... God knows what is going to be happening for that plan but we admire you sir.... the millions in this country have voted for you.. No matter the penpullers and palnquin bearers, have not, as they could not see some one independent and free thinking, some one who has his own voice and some one who became so very popular in the raisina hills... the Moghal gardens will miss you for sure, but you will live in us....

Three cheers Mr President... For a change,I feel proud that I too am an Indian... !!!

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